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UV-C Tower


The Invictus Solar Flare UV-C tower is a revolutionary rapid surface and air sterilization tower. A design based on market feedback to improve and overcome existing UV-C tower deficiencies. Addressing the speed at which the user can sterilize a room and guarantee the same level of inactivation throughout its lifespan despite room size. The ability to sterilize under furniture and beds while maintaining a long life and ease of use make the Solar Flare tower the best choice for hospitals, schools, hotels, hospice centers, food processing plants, nursing homes, and more!

The patented dosimeter-based automated sterilization, IntelliDosing™, assures is an innovative feature that eliminates the need for user input of room size or timing for the system to properly sterilize. This, combined with the powerful and long-lasting UV-C induction lamps, the Solar Flare will drastically reduce the time a room is unoccupied and increase patient care time.

Safety is key with a UV-C sterilization system and the Invictus system puts the user first. The removable touchscreen tablet allows for activation of the Solar Flare externally from the room and the four redundant motion sensors will immediately shut down the system if any motion within the risk area is detected while in operation.