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About Invictus Sterilization

Invictus Sterilization (dba) is a small business focused on improving indoor spaces through medical-grade air and surface sterilization products that have been 3rd-party tested. We deliver a 99.99% sterilization rate for bacteria and viruses.
Our solutions help provide local indoor sterilization where the majority of transmission occurs. Designed for ease of use, the Aura Air Purifiers can be placed on the floor, on a table, or mounted from the ceiling. The Solar Flare UV-C Tower provides a fast and reliable sterilization solution.

Core Competencies

Invictus’ founding team has a history of innovation and has been in the lighting industry for over 35 years. Our understanding of ultraviolet (UV) technology allows us to develop the most effective air and surface sterilization solutions.
  • Air-Sterilization
  • Surface Sterilization
  • Transit Sterilization
  • UV-C Powered Medical-Grade Sterilization

Past Performance

  • Department of Commerce,
    Washington DC
  • Great Lakes Naval Station,
  • Department of State
  • Golden Gate Toll Authority,
    San Francisco, CA
  • Warren County School System,
    Warren County, NC


  • FDA Cleared Class II Medical Air Purifier
  • 3rd-party tested at accredited laboratories
  • BAA-compliant products
  • UV-C (LED, Induction, Fluorescent)
  • HEPA filtration
  • Cold-catalyst oxidizer
  • Photo-catalyst oxidizer

Registered for Federal & State Procurements


Registered with System for Award Management

Accepting Government Purchase Cards

Accepting All Major Credit Cards



238220 Heating and Air-Conditioning
325412 Pharmaceutical Prep Mfg

325413 In-Vitro Diagnostic Mfg
333413 Air Purification Equip Mfg (P)
333414 Heating Equipment Manufacturing
334111 Electronic Computer Mfg
335131 Residential Electric Lighting Fixture Mfg.
335132 Industrial Lighting Fixture Mfg.
335139 Electric Lamp Bulb Equipment Mfg.
337127 Institutional Furniture Mfg
339112 Medical Instrument Mfg
339113 Medical Supplies Mfg
339940 Office Supplies Mfg
423450 Medical, Dental, Hospital Equipment
424210 Drugs Merchant
446110 Pharmacies/Drug Store
446199 Medical Equipment Store
561720 Janitorial Services
561210 Facilities Support Services
621610 Home Health Care Services
621999 Miscellaneous Ambulatory Health Care
622110 General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
624230 Emergency Relief Services


Interested in Becoming a Reseller?

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