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UV Safety

Control System



  • Instant occupancy shut down for protection.

    • ​Occupancy no-start function: prevents the system from activating until the  location is vacant.

  • Built-in timer.

  • Auto-restart or manual restart options.


  • Coming Soon.



Sensor is used to help make UVC Sterilization a safer option. This sensor works in the opposite function as lighting occupancy sensors. When activating the Invictus Innovative Sterilization UVC system, any time occupancy is detected within the area to be sanitized, the Occupancy Safety Controller will prevent the system from activating. If the system is engaged and functioning, any time a presence is detected it will immediately deactivate the UVC sterilizer to prevent accidental contact with the Ultraviolet system.


It is equipped with a timer function allowing the system to automatically stop at a given timespan, eliminating the possibility of the system working for a longer period of time than is necessary to further reduce contact, as well as to optimize the lifespan of the system. There are two options that can be chosen.

First, and highly recommended option, is the Manual restart function. If ever the sterilizer is shut down via the Occupancy Safety controller, it will require a trained individual to manually restart the system. This will ensure the individual can visually inspect the area to verify there is no occupancy of the area prior to reinitiating the disinfection process.


Second,  If occupancy is detected, and the sanitizing is interrupted by the Occupancy Safety controller, it can be chosen to have the system to auto-restart following a chosen time-frame after no other occupancy is detected.

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