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UV Frame Retrofit



  • Universal existing drop ceiling UV-C sterilization retrofit fixture.

  • Designed to clip over T-bar grids supporting drop ceiling.

  • Can be used alone or attached under existing fixtures.


  • Safety occupancy sensor with an automatic kill switch

  • DC input (standard: 120-277 AC input)

Coming Soon

Undergoing 3rd Party Evaluation. ​



This new product from Invictus Innovative Sterilization provides a never before offered capability. This new UV-C/GUV room sterilizer can be used as a stand-alone room sanitizer or can be used as a retrofit and installed onto the same drop-ceiling ‘T’ bars that the existing Troffers now resides, taking up no more space than the light fixture, seamlessly blending into the light. 


This system allows the client to upgrade in steps. If the sterilization is more important than upgrading the Fluorescent Tube Troffer lights, the  Square Frame UV-C room sterilizer can be purchased and installed in conjunction with the existing light fixtures, and the light fixtures can be upgraded at a later date. The fixture light and room disinfectant functions of the sanitizer can be used independently of each other.


If the older fluorescent Troffer lights have already been upgraded, the Square Frame UV-C room sterilizer does not require the LED lights to be replaced as is the case with most competitors. It is a truly independent product disguised as a retrofit.

When used according to directions, UV-C sterilization is the quickest form of rapid disinfection, and in the wavelength of 265nm, it is in the most effective range of irradiated germicidal energy, with the widest spectrum of dangerous microorganism sterilization available. When incorporated within the Invictus Square Frame UV-C room sterilizer, it is also one of, if not the most user and installer-friendly room sanitizers available anywhere.

Just one 2 x 2 Invictus’, 40w Square Frame UV-C room sterilizer has the capability to cleanse up to 300sf, or a room more than 16ft x 18ft in size.


The future of rapid room sanitation is available today, and it can be found now in the form of the Invictus Innovative Sanitizer, Square Frame UV-C room sterilizer! Designed to perform, and Built to last.

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