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Aura Storm

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As a restaurant owner, the Amrani’s have always placed the safety of diners and their staff as the highest importance. As we try to resume normal activities such as dining in restaurants, the Amrani’s wants everyone to know they have gone above and beyond to help protect those entering Boca from contracting COVID-19.  They installed four medical-grade Aura Storm and Aura Wind air sterilizers to continuously provide a safe indoor dining environment. 


The Amrani’s have spoken to their staff as well as customers and they all appreciate the extra mile they have gone to provide a safer environment for everyone and they

feel better about spending time indoors

without their mask while they eat.

“The safety of our patrons and staff is important to us and by placing these air sterilizers which kill the virus that causes COVID-19, we have added a layer of protection for everyone.  I’m thankful to the Invictus team for developing such a high-quality product against the invisible COVID-19 virus.” 

            -Youssef Amrani, Owner of Boca

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