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Case Study: Mr. Game & Lounge

Modern Arcade

Newton, NC


Concern regarding indoor social gatherings and environments continue to ebb and flow with the COVID-19 variants, along with the flu.

Adrian Abernethy, owner of Mr. Game & Lounge was focused on building social connections and community in his modern arcade which blends retro-video game consoles and computer games with modern arcade games. This inclusive environment invites everyone to play, chat, and buy/sell games and merchandise.

Adrian Abernethy envisions a safe environment for both staff and customers and installed two Aura Storm FDA-cleared class II medical air purifiers to protect everyone from airborne viruses and bacteria. With additional purchases planned for various rooms, Mr. Abernethy is confident in opening the doors to the public and creating a safe space for everyone to play and interact.

With covid batting at everyone's doorstep every day it's nice to have some comfort knowing we have medical grade equipment, ensuring my staff and customers have as much protection as possible thanks to the filters you put in! We've been using Invictus' lights for the past 5 years, and not only have they passed our expectations, but they've actually astounded many of our customers that come in every day!

-Adrian Abernethy, Owner

Mr. Game & Lounge



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