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Aura Storm

Aura Storm

Case Study: SV Medical Center
Mixed-Use Medical & Dental Center
Holtsville, NY

SV Medical Center was looking to improve the safety in its facility and installed multiple Aura Storm air purifiers by Invictus Sterilization. The multi-stage UV-C air sanitizer delivers hospital-grade sterilization for rooms up to 2700 square feet (~52ft x 52ft). Certified third-party test data shows a pathogen reduction of 99.99% in under 60 minutes including bacteria and viruses (including the SARS-CoV-2 virus). By delivering this quality in half of the standard 120 minutes, the Aura Storm can increase the number of clean air cycles per hour. 


High traffic areas such as waiting rooms and hallways create the highest-risk environment and by placing a unit in each of these areas, we are able to create an environment that reduces the transmission of viruses and colds along with creating a healthier environment for everyone.​

The SV Medical Center houses a pediatrician’s office, an OB/GYN practice, and dental practice.  With a central waiting room for patients, each practice is housed in a separate wing of the building.  On a normal day, the facility sees 50-60 patients.

“While the use of masks and implementing social distancing protocols help, the addition of the Aura Storm hospital-grade air purifier will help prevent transmission now and well into the future. 


The safety of my patients and their families is of utmost importance, and we anticipate these air purifiers to continue to be effective well after the use of masks and social distancing is removed.”

                                     - Dr. Tulika Narain

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Learn More about our Aura Air Purifiers here

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