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Ceiling mounted air sterilization. Also available with LED lighting options.

1-Aura Stratos Cyclone

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The ultimate UV-C tower with patented Intellidosing™. Providing guaranteed UV dosage and reduced shadowing.

1-Solar Flare

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Ceiling mounted air sterilization and LED lighting.

2-Aura Stratos Cyclone LED

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Large air floor-based air sterilization. FDA cleared class II medical filtration.

3-Aura Storm

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Compact air table-top air sterilization. Also available, Aura Breeze Transit.

4-Aura Breeze

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Mid-size air floor-based air sterilization.

5-Aura Wind

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6-Aura Stratos Comet

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7-Sura Stratos Comet HP

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S2-Star Beam

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