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Aura Storm

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Aura Storm

Case Study: CrossFit Allegiance
Denver, NC

As gym members began to return to “in-person” workouts following the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, owners Eric and Jill Olinger were looking for ways to keep their members as safe as possible.


“One of the foundational aspects of CrossFit is the group dynamic. We do our best to space athletes apart, but we were looking for ways to better control the air since COVID -19 is transmitted that way”, said Jill. “So, we deployed an Aura Storm air purifier directly under the rig where most of our athletes gather for pull-ups, squats, etc.  It runs during each class.”


“One aspect of the Storm that we love is its portability. We move it into the yoga studio for classes and even brought it to our home when we hosted the gym’s  holiday party. Our members appreciate the step’s we’ve taken, and several have purchased units for their own homes and businesses,” added Eric.

CrossFit Allegiance is Denver, NC’s most experienced CrossFit Gym. Training programs offer a balance of Anaerobic Cardio, Power Lifts, Olympic lifts, and Gymnastics. Provided by a trained instructor in a group setting with athletes of all levels.

“The good news is that the Gym is filled to capacity every day. At the height of the pandemic, we could not let people in the building. The members really appreciate the steps we are taking to keep them safe. They take comfort in seeing the Aura Storm pumping away under the rig.


They also see the stickers on the door explaining how we are killing 99.99% of pathogens with Hospital-Grade Sterilization. They really appreciate that.

                                     - Eric Olinger, owner

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Learn More about our Aura Air Purifiers here

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