The Invictus Solar Flare is a rapid sterilization UV-C tower looks like no other UV-C tower on the market. Invictus took the time to completely rethink UV-C towers, their functions, pros, and cons. The Solar Flare takes UV-C towers to the next level! It is incredibly powerful, has a very long life expectancy, and is arguably the simplest UV-C tower to operate with very little training.

The Solar Flare eliminates math from the process with no more having to select the correct runtime, or even know the room measurements to achieve the quickest sterilization while maintaining the UV-C power required, and far exceeds log-4 hospital-grade sterilization. This system prevents overrunning of the cycle, increasing the UV-C lamps’ life expectancy.

With the Solar Flare the operator simply places the unit in the center of an area and presses the automatic function and remove themselves from the area; the tower will do all the work and will always achieve the desired cleansing and will do so from the first day to the end of the 70,000+ hour lamp life.

The future of UV-C tower sterilization, available today!


  • Multi-tower control function for large areas

  • 70,000+ hour life expectancy

  • Tall, for cleaning higher areas

  • Low base with additional lamps, for floor and under object cleaning

  • Automatic control system, no math, time settings, or knowledge of area size

  • Sterilizes accurately for any area from day 1 to the end of the product’s life

  • Always reach the desired Log-rate, every time!

  • Removable control, magnetized tablet

  • Redundant component cooling system

  • 360° safety sensors to shut off UV when movement is detected.

  • Tracks usage in hours, days, etc.

  • End of UV-C lamp life reminder

  • Minimal training, plug-n-play control

  • Optional:

  • Door entry sensor

  • Android phone app control available

Solar Flare

UV-C Tower



Key Features

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen tablet

  • Redundant safety sensors

  • 4-way LED warning strobe

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Hospital-rated ball-bearing rotating and locking casters

  • Up to 70,000-hour lamp-life

  • Multiple units can be used to ensure maximum coverage.

  • 5-year warranty


  • 360-degree coverage

  • 4-Log sterilization in under 7 minutes

  • Sterilization proven against:


  • Gram positive

  • Gram negative

  • Dual-system UV-C lamps provide vertical sterilization and ability to disinfect under beds, tables, chairs, etc.


  • Voltage: 120V @ 60Hz

  • Cord Length: 20 ft.

  • Wattage: 900W

  • Weight: 125 lbs

  • Dimensions: 26 in x 27.5 in x 79.4 in

  • Log 4 sterilization in 7 minutes at 1,000 sqft. (15.8 ft.)